Hello fellow Danny Gokeyans!!

Though we don't want to encourage posting off-topic (not related to Danny or AI) content, we figure that since the DreamWidth service is very new still not everyone has a lot of friends on here. So posting this friending meme seems like a great idea to get people who love Adam to connect and make friends.

Click on the picture below to go to the meme!

Happy Posting!!
Welcome to the Danny Gokey community on DreamWidth!

To kick things off, we'd like to have a contest in order to make this community look...well, pretty. Anyone and everyone can submit as many headers and/or icons as they like and in about two weeks (depending on how many entries we have) we will create a poll in order to vote for which we will use.

There is only one rule - all icons and headers must only include Danny. No other persons should be present.

Please send your submissions to wontastic@gmail.com.

And feel free to check out our Adam Lambert community at [community profile] adam_lambert.


Danny Gokey


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